Nahit Kemalbay
İstoç Chairman of Board of Directors

Changed by the competitive equilibriums which do not slow down throughout the entire world, the picture of 21th century contains a successful example which maintains its existence since 1979 upon transformation of the steps taken towards a dream into reality. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the realization of this achievement together with İSTOÇ Trade Center and all of our fellows that bring life to our center.

We can now see the gains we achieved with increasing enthusiasm, passion and gratifications of İSTOÇ Building Cooperative and overcoming the difficulties in unity and cooperation since the date it was established. While we are getting closer to our goals, the summit, which the efforts for a steady growth will take us was brought to light. Regardless of the changing equilibriums in Turkey and throughout the world, knowing that our determination which functions as a shield against challenges would take us to new summits in a short time enables us to shape future. In a picture which contains such power, being aware of the benefits offered to our country from the tiniest bit of contribution to the largest ones fills us with pride.

We can see the point that the efforts undertaken by hundreds of workplaces we own today and by people and corporations, reach upon becoming a whole under roof of İSTOÇ, by looking back. Companies pulling away from the congested and irregular atmosphere of Tahtakale and expressing themselves with a corporate identity, our structuring which preserves its continuity and adapting to modernism and our essential belief constitutes the reality of today. İSTOÇ Trade Center is the Turkey’s largest wholesale center which reflects the wealth of 35 different sectors, belief and determination reached through integration of thousands of ideas and the willingness to achieve greater goals in the future. I wish that this wealth, belief, determination and willingness spreads throughout Turkey and achievements are enriched with the new ones.