İSTOÇ Trade Center is a cooperative association founded by the wholesaler tradesmen from various professions located at Tahtakale, Kantarcılar, Mercan, Yeşildirek, Küçükpazar, Süleymaniye, Sirkeci, Cağaloğlu and Beyazıt within Eminönü locality.  It was established due to the challenging conditions that Wholesaler Tradesmen experienced in Eminönü, heavy traffic in İstanbul getting worse everyday, narrow streets, handling, shipping and similar problems and to own private workplaces and enjoying to work at a modern workplace with abundant green areas by moving from multi storey office blocks.

Founded in 1979 by 52 founder members, İSTOÇ Building Cooperative Association today hosts nearly 35 sectors such as hardware, luxury hardware, plastic goods, melamine, stationery, paper, metallic items, food, office and furniture supplies, home textile, glassware, medical goods, promotional products, hunting products and second hand cars.

Attaining its land in 1984, İSTOÇ is established on an area of 1 million 100 thousand square meters with 2 kilometers along TEM Highway at Mahmutbey. In terms of location, it is 11 km away from Atatürk Airport, 1 kilometer away from the junction of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Bakırköy-Sefaköy parting and TEM Highway Edirne highway pay boxes. Esenler – Başakşehir Metro line is in service with İSTOÇ Station since 2013, June.